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This is your union. It’s time parents, grandparents, & guardians have a real seat at the table and their voices are heard!

Reasons To Join CPUnion

“The teacher’s unions were responsible for keeping our schools closed, contracted our parental rights away, and didn’t protect our teachers but instead turned on their own. Join us in protecting California’s children from abusive governmental overreach.”

-Renee, Placer County Parent

Become a part of the fastest-growing organization in California which stands for parental rights. Empower yourself to stand up for your children, grandchildren and all children across the state!

  • Empowering Members to Stand Up for Parental Rights
  • Indoctrination Awareness and Solutions
  • Medical Autonomy  Issues and Solutions
  • Censorship Free CPUnited Community
  • Exclusive Members Only Lounge with Resources for Parents, Grandparents and Teachers

CPUnion Membership

Join parents, grandparents, guardians, teachers, and citizens across California who are standing up against indoctrination, loss of parental rights, and other bad policies harming our kids.

The Entire Point:

“I am a lion” by @RaisingWellKids


Coming Soon! For now, CPUnion has partnered with Concerned Parents of California PAC. Together, we are raising money for key school board candidates, supervisor candidates, and other local offices that support parental rights in education initiatives and health freedom. CPUnion is building its membership one by one. If you would like to make a larger donation, here is your opportunity.


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