Lindsay Kelly, CPUnion’s first 2023 endorsement, won her special election race in Vacaville California!!!!

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Are you running for office? CPUnion can help by providing you a sought after endorsementraise funding for your campaign, train you to run for office and after you win, and promote you during your campaign to our members and thousands of social followers.

CPUnion has partnered with Concerned Parents of California PAC. Together, we are raising money for key school board candidates that support parental rights in all aspects.

Need training on how to run a campaign? Leadership Institute & Kingdom in Politics are training partners with CPUnion. CPUnion members get exclusive training discounts. 

CPUnion's Legislative Efforts Inform - Now You Act

Are you concerned about the future of California for your kids or grandkids? Then you need to get involved. NOW. California Legislators are again pushing a whole slew of bad bills.
We spent the past year building relationships and awareness with CA legislators. We were busy reaching out to legislators on behalf of our members, writing letters, testifying at informational hearings, and much more in Sacramento. 
How can you get involved? The all volunteer CPUnion board of directors are working to educate and empower you. We have resources in the membership lounge under the “bad bills” section including step by step instructions on how to track bills, submit position papers, including sample position papers, and more. And, get yourself a profile in the censorship free CPUnited community and join the bad bills group to stay informed!
Want information without logging in? Stay informed here.

The Tides Have Turned

Across the nation we are seeing career politicians and board members be replaced by candidates who are standing up, are committed to upholding their oath of office, and will fight for freedom, PARENTAL choice and constitutional rights. The time has come for California parents, grandparents, and educators to join this movement and take back our state!

Parent, Grandparent and Teacher Resources

Become a member of CPUnion for just $25 a year to receive numerous benefits including homeschooling 101 courses, access to a special needs advocate, access to free legal consultations, legal resources, information from CPU representatives near the capital on the bad bills, how to find and get rid of bad curriculum and sooo much more including resources for teachers on how to leave the union!

Example Resource: 
How to File a Tort Claim Against Your School District with Moms on the Ground and CPU Founders and Attorneys

Don't Fall for Newsom's Threat. Send This Letter To Your Entire School District.

Governor Newsom, our attorney general and our state superintendent sent a letter to all educators THREATENING them if they dare remove books from libraries or curriculum. The June 1, 2023 letter used doublespeak and hid behind the first amendment which says you cannot ban books you disagree with. What it failed to tell you is the same case law allows you to remove OBSCENE or LEWD materials.

This letter, like the August 23, 2021 letter from the director of the CDPH which aimed to intimidate educators into forcing health recommendations on kids at all costs to them, is aimed at intimidating educators into not banning any books. This is a completely misleading and threatening letter showing how out of touch Governor Newsom is with We The Parents and our concerns of oversexualization and improper sexual materials in our schools.

Parents are concerned about the OBSCENE and LEWD materials being pushed on our kids in the form of PORN in our libraries and English classes. Its a crime to push this on children.

Help CPUnion respond to this threat so educators are NOT once again bullied into forcing something they know is wrong. Send this response letter to your school board, superintendent, principal and all of your librarians today!


Tip the Apple Cart of Power Back to Teachers & Parents

The law says that if 51% of the local teachers leave the union, that body can REPLACE its collective bargaining representative. Why? To put a teacher, parent, and student focused lawyer in the old union representative’s place so that their interests are represented – not the teacher’s unions interests. Interested? Reach out. We can help. 

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