Run. Recruit. Support

CPUnion supports candidates running for office in three key areas:

  1. Endorses and promotes candidates that pledge to always support a parent’s right to choose.
  2. Raises money to support candidate campaigns through our partner Concerned Parents of California PAC
  3. Offers training on how to run for office and be a good office holder at a discount in the membership lounge.


Stronger Together

CPUnion has partnered with Concerned Parents of California PAC. Together, we are raising money for key school board candidates, supervisor candidates, and other local offices that support parental rights in education initiatives and health freedom.
Campaigns, take time, money and resorces to win, and these candidates need your support. To financially support a school board candidate, supervisor race, or other local campaign, please visit our partner Concerned Parents of California PAC below.

Join us today to support parent choice.

The Tides Have Turned

Across the nation we are seeing career politicians and board members be replaced by candidates who are standing up, are committed to upholding their oath of office, and will fight for freedom, choice and constitutional rights. The time has come for California to join this movement and take back our state.

Candidate Resources

Become a member of CPUnion for just $25 to receive numerous benefits including a video class that teaches you how to run a successful campaign.

CPUnion Endorses.
CPUnion Funds.
CPUnion Trains.

Are you running for office? CPUnion can help by providing you a sought after endorsement, raise funding for your campaign, train you to run, and promote you to our members and social followers. Once you win, our content partners can train you to be a good office holder.

Apply For An Endorsement

Already running for a board position or office? Get in front of thousands of people with a CPUnion endorsement. We will promote you to our followers and help you grow your reach.