In 2020 we entered a time like no other time in history. Parents were thrust into the classrooms with their children and were given a front row seat into the kind of education California was providing.

In addition, parental rights and freedoms were trampled on as local, state and national teachers unions, the government, and unethical lawyers negotiated parental rights away for large sums of government funding. The government and health officers coerced our beloved educators of all kinds to believe that health recommendations overrode a parent’s right to make their own health decisions that they believe are best for their children. Teachers unions even turned on their own and demanded teachers manipulate the relationship between teacher and child so the children would go against parent wishes by falsely claiming if teachers didn’t obey, credentials would be at risk. What ensued was a battle for Freedom unlike anything we have ever seen in the history of this country.

Today, special interest groups and idealogues across the state continue to sway legislators into passing unconstitutional laws that trample on the fundamental rights of parents and hurt the very people they claim to protect. Education is no longer about the basics. The ideologies of a small minority have permeated every aspect of California education and parents are fed up. From protecting parent choice in health decisions to ending educational indoctrination to holding leadership in all areas of our children’s lives accountable, it’s time for parents, grandparents, and educators to unite together and take back the rights that came when our children were born into our families.

CPUnion aims to provide a large powerful voice for parents, grandparents and teachers. Join us. We are making our way to 1 million members!

Our Mission

Build a large membership base and child advocacy community that gives parents a real voice and seat at the table anywhere we are needed to fight for and preserve parental rights.

Our Vision

To build a strong coalition of 1,000,000 parents, grandparents, teachers and guardians of youth across California. We will work with legislators, school boards, other child advocacy groups and local officials to make lasting change and preserve parental voice and choice.

CPUnion Board of Directors

Together we are greater than we could ever be alone.

CPUnion membership lounge is full of resources for members. The CPUnited Community is a censorship free online place to gather and share. The more of us that join together the more powerful our collective voice becomes. Join us!

Our Board is 100% Volunteer

The CPUnion of Directors works hard to support you and your interests. We are united in our passion to bring change to California and protect the rights of children and families across our state. #ParentVoice #ParentChoice
Tracy L. Henderson, Esq,
CPUnion Board President & Founder
Kristin Hurley
CPUnion Media Communications Director
Sandro Manno
CPUnion Board Member
Kasia Williams
Kasia Williams
Legislative Advisor to CPUnion Board of Directors
Steve Henderson
CPUnion Political and Strategy Director
Siaka Massaquoi
CPUnion Board Advisor
James Bradley
CPUnion Board Member