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We Need Your Involvement and Support

This important grass roots parent right’s initiative is focused on becoming a larger and more well funded membership of parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens than the other special interest groups harming our children in California. This effort is about the children. Let’s face it – the rallies, t-shirts, and even current lobbying efforts are not enough. If anything, they are only temporary fixes. Building a large membership base will allow us to have the financial means and membership numbers to earn a truly powerful seat at the state and local legislative tables.  It is crucial that we get your help to grow CPU membership to allow us to do things like hire a professional voice that speaks for parents in the Capital and the ability to help parent’s rights candidates succeed in their campaigns. The truth is the power in the harmful special interest groups is in the money and numbers. Nothing else is as truly effective. CPU plans to transparently use the funds raised through membership dues to fiercely represent the rights of Parents, Grandparents and Guardians from things like the damaging family bills from moving forward into law, educating parents on how to advocate for their kids all to take back California for our children.  

Our ultimate goal?  10,000,000 members.

Membership Dues

$25.00 Annual Membership

Your $25 membership will get us one step closer to our first goal of hiring a real lobbyist that focuses solely on parent rights. Parents are fighting against the giant Teachers Unions that closed our schools, bullied their own, manipulated our children emotionally, and contracted our parental rights away in education. With thousands of supporters joining us through social media, we are now taking this momentum and creating a membership based union that provides exclusive resources just for members and gives parents a special interest group behind them finally.

1. If you are a teacher and leave the union, your membership is free for the first year. 


(The teachers unions raise 600 million a year. We have 6.7 million California students. The math says encouraging teachers to leave is critical. 

2. If you are a group leader and pledge to bring your group members to the union, your membership is free for 1 year to your lifetime depending on the number of members you bring to CPU

3. Feel free to buy memberships as gifts for other loved ones!

To make a larger donation to financially support a school board, supervisor race, or other local campaign, please donate to our partner Concerned Parents of California PAC here:



AUGUST 27, 2022

Exclusive Member Resources

What is a CPU member? 

Members get exclusive access to the following along with being part of a union of other parents and grandparents:


  • Be part of something bigger than just yourself
  • Dedicated Parent’s Rights Lobbyist
  • Exclusive voting rights on how the membership dues are spent on parents rights programs and issues
  • 1, 3, & 5 minute Educational Videos on topics such as how to run for school board, build relationships with legislators, find bad curriculum, pull your child out of school, how to speak at school board meetings, and more
  • Legal Resources and documents including free Legal Consultation with Licensed California Attorney and potential legal representation
  • Resources and Information on how to leave the teachers unions and save the $1,040 +/_ a year they take from you
  • VIP zoom calls on advocating for your children and all things parents rights with leading experts
  • Insider Legislative Information
  • 1 hour with a trained Special Needs Advocate
  • And more…we need you to join to add to this work in progress!
Share The Big News!

CPU CANNOT fight the other special interest groups not acting in the best interest of our children alone.  This is a vital grass roots effort to build a real special interest group that will succeed with your valuable support. Please share our parents rights initiative with other parents, grandparents, or guardians that want to get back their voice and help defund the powerful special interest groups who are actively harming our children! 




Who is behind California Parents Union (CPU)?


What are my membership dues being used for?

To build a special interest group and true union for parents, grandparents and teachers. This will give members a real seat at the table on issues important to them and their voice back. Currently we are building the website to add member resources but will grow to hire lobbyists and things like collective bargaining experts. As we grow, we will be allowed to do more. Members will vote on where the money will go. The CPU Board of Directors are all volunteer and unpaid.

Do you already have supporters?

Facebook supporters: 2,623

Instagram supporters: 1,664

Mobilize group members: 708

Email subscribers: 3,570